Oh, Russia…You So Crazy.

Despite the thousands of Russian troops along the border of the Ukraine, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said today that his country has “no plans for military intrusion in Eastern Ukraine,”.

Lavrov also said that Russia is “committed to respect the outcome of the referendum” in Crimea on Sunday whether to join Russia. 


As reported by the Washington Post

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Iraq May Legalize Child-Marriage

In a move that unshockingly shocks the Western world, Iraq is considering passing a law that legalizes marriage to girls as young as nine.

The draft measure was introduced by Iraq’s Justice Ministry at the end of 2013 and was recently approved based on a school of religious law found by Shiites.

Disgustingly, the law also allows a husband to have sex with his “wife” regardless of consent.  Currently, a quarter of all marriages in Iraq have one person under the age of 18.

As reported by SF Gate

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Arizona Passes Pro-Discrimination Bill

A controversial piece of legislation dubbed the “right to discriminate” bill was passed yesterday in the Arizona legislature. 

The bill allows individuals, corporations, and religious entities to use their religious beliefs as a valid reason for discrimination, should they find themselves in a discrimination lawsuit.

Basically, it protects the rights of employers who don’t want to hire those who aren’t Christian or who are part of the LGBT community.

Pro-bill advocates defend the bill as a protection of religious liberties.

Jesus, who’s running that State? Henry the Eight?!

Are people who live in Arizona going to have to flee the state much as our ancestors fled England so that they could exercise their own religious freedoms, or, in as in modern times, freedom from religion?

I guess Arizona has never heard of a little thing called SEPARATING CHURCH AND STATE.

The bill is currently on its way to Governor Jan Brewer for signing.

As reported by Arizona Central

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Journalists Declare Hotels in Sochi Suck

For the past few days, journalists and other members of the press have taken to their twitter accounts to call out the “rough” conditions of Sochi hotels.

General first world atrocities include a lack of shower curtains, running water and at time, locks on the door.

You know who they should have got to run the hotels?


And then the inconveniences would have somehow seemed less an Olympic sized travesty and more a whimsical indie adventure.

As reported by The Washington Post

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Happy Winter Olympics: Russia Slaughters Dogs

Wow. Way to improve your cold/heartless image, guys. Whose running this country, anyway?

It has been reported that a “pest control” company has been contracted to “catch and dispose” stray dogs in preparation for the Olympics.

While it is unclear how they are killing the dogs or what they are doing with the carcasses, it IS clear that shooting stray dogs is a common practice in Russia.

Sounds like someone needs a paw smack.

As reported by Politico

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This Just In: The US is Still Broke

In an unsurprising non-turning of events, the US treasury secretary told Congress that the U.S. government will run out of money as soon as mid-March unless the debt ceiling is raised. 

My first thought…

Raise that roof.

Although, my second thought….


As reported by the Washington Post

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Ukranian President Goes on Sick Leave: Country in Turmoil

As his country nears the brink of a Civil War, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich has taken sick leave.

Conveniently, the leave was announced just one day after the President forced his country’s parliament to pass conditional amnesty for 100 imprisoned protesters, despite demands from the opposition that the amnesty be unconditional.

The nations capital has been overtaken by protests, some turning violent, since Yanukovich bowed to Russian pressure and turned down a trade deal with the European Union two months ago.

Not cool, Yan. Not cool.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times

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Exclusive New Photo of Justin Bieber’s Meal in Jail…

So, um…Justin Bieber, teen and tween music sensation/all-around-spoiled brat got arrested this morning for a DUI.

We now present to you this exclusive pic of Justin Bieber enjoying his first (of what we hope won’t be of many) meals in jail.


According to Fish Wrapper, Bieber’s father was present during the arrest and had even encouraged his sons behavior that evening.

Sounds like Bieber needs a little less


And a little more of


As reported by…Every single News and Media Outlet Ever.

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Ugandan President Has It All Wrong

The Good News: Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has  refused to sign a bill that seeks to toughen laws against homosexuals, including life in prison for homosexual acts.

The Bad News: It’s because Museveni believes that he said, and that if the economy improves, homosexual could be “rescued.” He also stated that homosexuality is an “abnormality” and that “it could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people.” and that “women become lesbians due to “sexual starvation” when they fail to marry.

As reported by The Daily Beast

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Pennsylvania Declares Showing Your ID to Be an “Unreasonable Burden”

Pennsylvania joins a slew of other states in declaring that showing your ID in order to vote in an election is an “unreasonable burden”.

Hmmmmmm….so, when I order a margarita at Chili’s it isn’t an “unreasonable burden” for me to have to pull out my ID to prove that I am over 21, but it IS an “unreasonable burden” to show my ID to prove that I am who I say I am when voting on, I dunno….THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?!

Who’s making these decisions? Al Capone?

As reported by the New York Times

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